Best Costume Ever: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Quickly DIY

If you have an invitation to a Halloween dress party and you haven’t got any money to order a costume, don’t be spooked. We’ve got some amazing costume ideas for you. Doing a last minute Halloween costume doesn’t mean it would result in a less-than-amazing item. There are practical ways to wear fabulous spooky costumes without punching a hole in your pocket.


With these brilliant ideas, you can still achieve your desired Halloween costume party without breaking a bank.

Channel You Inner Moana

Now is the best time to showcase your Disney’s ocean-obsessed princess’ alter-ego, Moana. The resourceful, curious, and brave teenager is a favorite character among kids and adults. And her simple getup is one of the easiest to replicate as your Halloween costume.


How to do it at home? You will only need the following materials:


  • A Polynesian-inspired skirt
  • An orange top
  • Burnt orange or red scarf belt
  • A pendant necklace

Make a Grand Entrance As A Zombie Taylor Swift

After a long rest, Taylor Swift made some headlines when she returns to the music mainstream by bringing her new song entitled “Look What You Made Me Do.” In this music video, she declared that the old Taylor Swift is dead.


Taylor appears as a creepy zombie version of herself. It’s a perfect balance of pop-cultural and spooky idea for a Halloween costume.


How to do it at home? Hoping to bring back the old Taylor Swift to life from death during Halloween? Here’s what you need:


  • A blue dress
  • A zombie makeup
  • A short blond wig

Be Your Own Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen

The season seven finale of the Game of Thrones is one of the most talked-about episodes of all because the internet is screaming about the most awaited sequel. That’s because of the contenders for the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow, finally gave in to their romantic moment.


It was so glorious, in fact, that this Halloween season is sure to welcome many Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen couple costumes.


How to do this at home? The only key to replicate Jon Snow’s costume is a sword, fur wrap, and a good looking face. For Daenerys, you will only need:


  • Black dress
  • A blond braid hairstyle
  • A dragon pin

Be Ready to Be Spooky As Pennywise the Clown From It

The most anticipated remake of Stephen King’s movie “It” has become the most talked-about horror film in the 90’s and enjoyed its gross-topping remake this year. Expect that the movie’s antagonist, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, will be a trend during the Halloween.


How to do it at home? You cannot scare your friends by Pennywise without some costume elements like:


  • Face paint
  • Red balloon
  • A clown collar

Be One of the Riverdale Crew

A teen mystery of murder series inspired by Archie comics? Riverdale is one of the best series because of its main characters and mystery-packed plots. The popular show is a perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume and persona.


The only problem when using this kind of costumes is that, which among your friends should dress up as Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews,  Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper.


How to do this at home? Each of the characters has its signature clothing accessory or item, like Archie’s Jughead’s beanie or letterman jacket. Decide which character you want to imitate then work your way after. Buy the similar clothing items and accessorize accordingly.


And there you have it. A last-minute Halloween costumes tips that you can do by yourself.


Whether you’re the type who wants to channel something scary and gruesome, hilariously funny, something that requires preparation and effort, or something that you can put together at the last minute, the tips above will help you start.


Follow them to have an idea of what kind of look you want to achieve on a Halloween party. And you don’t have to sell your soul to afford these items. There are online fashion stores such as Deal Wiki where you can buy affordable yet quality items.


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