Be Ready For Any Adventure With Sprigs JakRak ​Hands-Free Coat Carrier

The ultimate solution to carrying your coat on the go.

Make life easier and your load lighter with Sprigs®’ patent pending JakRak,

the ​perfect solution for carrying your coat on the go.

Made for any adventurer, this clever device is great for hikers, city commuters, event goers, travelers and even errand runners! The struggle is real when it comes to traveling with a jacket. Unless you wear it on the plane, that perfect parka usually takes up a good chunk of space in your carry-on bag. Stylishly designed and strikingly executed, the JakRak™ doesn’t cut corners when it comes to your comfort and security.

How does the JakRak™ work? Using a set of three secure, custom-made clips, the JakRak™ attaches inside the coat to the neckline and under the arms. When you want to remove your coat, just drop it down off your shoulders and the JakRak™ holds it on your shoulders comfortably and securely. Mix it up – wear it over both shoulders, one shoulder or across your body! With silicone coating over the teeth of the clip, this sturdy product can hold up to 12 lbs – their sliders even make it easy to adjust for all shapes and sizes!

Lighten your next layover with these functional features of the JakRak™:

  • Holds heavy and light coats without damaging fabric interior
  • Attaches to inside coat for out-of-sight wear
  • Carries all kinds of coats (light jackets, rain coats, blazers) up to 7 lbs ​(the average winter coat weighs only 3 pounds!)​
  • ​One Size Fits All  – The JakRak adjusts to fit all shapes and size

It’s easy – wear the JakRak™ over both shoulders like a backpack, over one shoulder, or across your body and you’ll be ready for your next journey! Join Sprigs® on ​March 15, 2017 as they launch a NEW Kickstarter campaign to bring their innovative JakRak™ coat carrier to life.

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