6 Skin Care Tips Dermatologists Swear By

We all know that come winter, our skin takes a turn for the worse. Dry, cracked and soreness is fast approaching! While we should be taking care of our skin all year around, once the cold weather arrives, good care becomes even more important.

Of course, knowing all the best ways to take care of our skin isn’t easy, especially with such much different advice around. The person we need to speak to for all the best tips is, of course, a dermatologist. Let’s be honest about it, how many of us know a dermatologist in person or have the time to make an appointment to see one?

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To save you the hassle of speaking to a dermatologist, I thought I would share six crucial skin care tips that the experts swear by. Hopefully, these will help you to keep your face happier and healthier.

  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Yes, you heard right, you should be protecting yourself from the sun every single day. Dermatologists know that the sun’s rays are the leading cause of premature aging, which is why protecting your skin is so important.

Don’t make the mistake of only wearing sun protection on sunny days, as the sun’s rays can cause damage no matter what the weather. Experts recommend protecting yourself by wearing a moisturizer with added SPF protection daily. Stuck for ideas – try out Benefit B Right Dream Screen – it’s fantastic.  

  1. Spray throughout the day

As well as applying a moisturizer with added SPF in the morning, throughout the day, use a moisturizer spray to keep your skin hydrated. If you work in a place where the air con is constantly on, your skin will dry out more easily.

To prevent this from happening, keep a handy spray moisturizer in your bag. Use this to spritz your face throughout the day. If you wear makeup, opt for a spray like L’Occitane’s Perfecting Mist, that sets makeup, as well as moisturizes.

  1. Go natural

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One thing that all experts agree on is how important going natural with your skin care is. According to the experts, the chemicals in many products are the primary cause of various skin conditions. This includes acne and general soreness, as these chemicals can cause irritation to occur.

While natural products can be more expensive, they don’t have to be. Shop the sales, buy online from discount stores, or consider making products yourself. Believe it or not, making your own beauty products is actually, much easier than you would think. Plus, you know exactly, what goes into them.

  1. Buff your skin

Have you heard of microdermabrasion? This is the process of using tiny granules to buff the skin, removing dead and dry cells. As well as acting as a fantastic exfoliator, microdermabrasion also has many other uses. It can help to prevent breakouts and redness, get rid of blackheads and erase fine lines.

While it is considered a cosmetic treatment, the best thing about microdermabrasion is that you can treat yourself at home. There are plenty of professional level systems that you can buy and use yourself, to take care of your skin. Here, Beyond Talk compares the top microdermabrasion machines – have a read of this before you buy.

  1. Steer clear of face wipes

For ease, many of us choose to use cleansing wipes instead of traditional cleanser. However, this isn’t a good idea. Look at it like this, makeup wipes are like takeaway; easy and fuss free, but not exactly the healthiest option.

You see, most makeup wipes are covered in chemicals, to make removing your makeup quick and easy. While when using a traditional cleanser, you can opt for a natural product. Plus, many face wipes contain alcohol that can cause your skin to become sore and dry. Whereas, most cleansers are alcohol-free.

  1. Buy for your skin type

Again and again dermatologists say this, and yet, very few of us listen. There’s a reason that beauty brands make products for different skin types. That’s simply because each type requires different care. Instead of opting for products for normal skin, take the time to choose the perfect option for you.

There are five main skin types; oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. Each of these requires different products to keep it healthy. So when choosing your beauty items, make sure to bare this in mind.

When it comes to keeping your skin happy, if there’s one person you should listen to it’s a dermatologist. So heed this advice, and soon enough, you’ll see an improvement in the health of your face.

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