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Last week, my life changed because of my new phone!  My Samsung Galaxy S5 has really changed my daily life because of the amazing camera! Verizon has been great in helping me get use to my new phone and the world of Android APPS.

I went to visit my local Duane Reade in Soho for the “DuaneReade Beauty Challenge.” I got to pick up some beauty essentials by using the Isis Mobile Wallet on the Verizon Droid MAXX.

What did I get?  Some adorable items from POP Beauty, Demeter Butterscotch, L’Oreal Kohl Liner!

I had fun using the Verizon Android phone taking pics of this iconic Duane Reade. #VZWBeauty team.

The camera is great for panoramic shots, selfies and works well outside and inside.   Hard to choose but I came back with a bunch of goodies!

The ISIS Wallet app is an easy way to pay – All you have to is pull it up, scan it at the cash register and it vibrates to confirm that you have paid. Isis allows consumers with compatible 4G LTE smartphones to load their credit cards, access store loyalty cards and take advantage of participating merchant offers and promotions. Isis is an easy, safe and secure way to pay – the app is PIN-protected, so you select a unique pin to enter each time you open the Wallet, and it also has a remote locking feature, so if your phone is lost, one call or click can freeze your Wallet.

The smartphone that I used to tap and pay is the Droid Ultra (exclusive to Verizon Wireless). Here’s where you can view the full list of Verizon’s Isis-ready phones:

There are so many locations in Soho you can use the ISIS app like Duane Reade, Mackage Soho, American Apparel, Free People, Jamba Juice and Zara.

Just link with your Wells Fargo or AMEX card and you are good to go.

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