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January 2013



FoodPorn with @ChefRoble

Written by , Posted in New York

My neighborhood friend and tv personality Chef Roble is always up to something icon smile FoodPorn with @ChefRoble

1Roble3 FoodPorn with @ChefRoble

 “Food Porn”, a food-themed clothing collaboration between Bravo’s Roblé Ali of “Chef Roblé & Co.” and Pyknic!

  chickenandwaffles 350x525 FoodPorn with @ChefRoble
The debut line consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts, several of the designs being photographs of food actually prepared by Roblé in his Brooklyn workspace. A free poster comes with every preorder and those orders $50+ will received an autographed poster.
pixel FoodPorn with @ChefRoble

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