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Event LOVE: SPACE One Year Anniversary



Last night we attended the one year anniversary of Positive Space at the Positive Space store on King street. For those who don’t know, Positive Space Interiors is a Canadian based designer and manufacturer of premium and custom made furniture. Their products include bedroom and dining room furniture, kitchen tables, and chairs. I always walked past this store while I was at George Brown but never went in, and was pleasantly surprised by the furniture that was on display last night. I. Loved. The. BEDS! I’ve seen beds with storage drawers before, but these ones were so well made, and the storage drawers have loads of space!! Any who, it was a fun evening, I met lots of great people, sipped on chardonnay and snacked on some yummy appetizers. It was a good night!





















 Thank you for inviting us, and Happy One Year Anniversary!

peace and love



FoodPorn with @ChefRoble

My neighborhood friend and tv personality Chef Roble is always up to something 🙂

 “Food Porn”, a food-themed clothing collaboration between Bravo’s Roblé Ali of “Chef Roblé & Co.” and Pyknic!

The debut line consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts, several of the designs being photographs of food actually prepared by Roblé in his Brooklyn workspace. A free poster comes with every preorder and those orders $50+ will received an autographed poster.

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What a morning of dog related news.

First 26 were rescued from a Florida based dog fighting ring and then another 14 in North Carolina!

Thank you for the 40 dogs saved this unseasonable warm day!

A lot of people have asked me why I love dogs and have a ‘pitbull’ type dog when I can have any kind of dog in the world. Being a owner of a bully breed, you get a LOT of grief from people and it takes a special person to own a bully type dog. To me, a dog is a dog is a dog and dogs can be trained to be and act anyway you want if you try hard enough.

Jacob is not my first dog and I treat him no different than that labs, doberman, collies in my life. Every time you say pitbull someone has a strong reaction (good / bad). Then when I ask them, how many do you personally know and have spent time with – they usually say none.

A lot of dogs need home and a lot of people need love, I think I will always gravitate towards a bully breed because they need me the most. You have to patient, non judgmental and have an over abundance of respect for animals to experience this kind of love. It is nothing like any other dog owner will experience to you.

I know my dog LOVES me and we are bonded. He would never leave me, betray me for a cookie or hot dog and there is nothing more important in his day than the minute he sees me. I feel the same about him.

I love what Peace Love and Pitbulls are doing because people believe what they feel and see and experience. More than what they are TOLD.  So when my friend Karlie sent me over this adorable video of a puppy trying to get on a treadmill, it got me very curious about the site. It doesn’t matter when you met your first pit or how you got to experience them but what matters is you opened your heart enough to let it move you. So check this out, you just might fall in love.

More on Tino and his dogs


Kickstart this: @eggYolkR

I love Kickstarter because it is full or amazing ideas! Check out the Yolkr – It’s an easy, efficient, mess-free way to separate the whites and the yolks.

SAFE & LONG-LASTING: The Yolkr™ has been designed to food industry and consumer product standards. The materials are non-toxic and free of BPA, PVC and phthalate. Its hardwearing and designed to spend a lifetime in your kitchen.

RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING: It will look the part on ANY bench top. We have also optimized size to easily fit in the draw!

CLEANS THOROUGHLY & EASILY: The Yolkr™ is quick and easy to clean by hand. It can be simply broken into 2 parts. Of course, it’s dishwasher safe too. We have put it through hundreds of cycles to make sure it didn’t degrade or wear over time.

PERFECT FOR ANY KITCHEN: Home or professional use it’s needed in every home; for the baker, cook, gym buff, diet conscious, etc. etc. The Yolkr™ was designed with both the occasional cook and seasoned chef in mind.

So cute! Help Hamish make the Yolkr a real product on

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