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November 2011



@DucatiUSA Fashion Week NYC

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Sooooo the Ducati store reopened on 6th Ave and Spring street after taking a hiatus all summer. With a hot invite from Ducati, we just had to go see check out the Ducati New York Fashion Night and Chill Party.
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It was an evening of bikes, babes and boys. I am so new to the motorcycle world but I am definitely not new to the event circuit!

fashionMoto @DucatiUSA Fashion Week NYC

Despite the cool weather, the inside was packed and the outside was lined with bikes. AND it was Red Bull sponsored, with sexy Ducati go-go dancers, yummy appetizers and picture perfect photography by PopUpPix.

Look at me being all nervous in front of the Diavel
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Remember how scared I was earlier this summer?
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Now see how a pro does it!
ducati @DucatiUSA Fashion Week NYC
So much happier on a Ducati. Hang tight!

The Ducati store is now REopened and has perfect Christmas presents for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.

Ducati Triumph
155 Avenue of the Americas # A
New York, NY 10013-1507
(212) 989-1414

pixel @DucatiUSA Fashion Week NYC

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