Posts Written On August 22, 2011

Twisted all over

I haven’t been to the hair salon in ages, and was about to give in and make an appointment to get my hair twisted; then I thought to my self, “surely you can do this on your own”… and then I did.

Twists are an awesome protective style, easy to do, they look super cute, and you can keep them in for a couple of days. YES.

Pin them up, or just let em’ hang 🙂

I wasn’t sure how I would twist the back…but where there’s a will, and a couple bobby pins, there’s definitely a way 🙂

D.I.Y is truly the way to go 🙂

peace, love and health



Louis This Louis That

More Zooie Vuitton for you

The animals were created by puppet-designer Billie Acchilleos of the UK, and they join 20 other animals she has already done for the London and New York “maison” stores.

and my fav

images via

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