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November 2010



Oema Takorr

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ATL Street Fashion line Oema Takorr sent me their signature best selling T in the mail… Merci!  I got a Medium and it fit perfectly – It is longer than a regular T and will look great with a skirt or with leggings.  I posted about this fly brand last month…
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Featuring lipstick writing and zebra print, this tee tells the world not to hate your lifestyle…they should love it. Small signature lip printed on back. Imported fabric, form fit, dry clean for best results.  

You can follow them on Twitter @OemaTakorr

OemaTakorr is art.

Tailored for those who embrace individuality and vanity, it is without a doubt that OemaTakorr exemplifies the artistic and luxurious life.

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pixel Oema Takorr

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