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July 2010



Fuze-A-Poolooza welcomes Laura Ford Designs

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8 more days til Fuze-a-Poolooza!

No pool party outfit is complete without amazing sparkly jewelry!  We are so excited to have Laura Ford Designs as a vendor this year at the Fuze-a-Poolooza.  Her pieces are unique and topics of conversation. Toronto based artist Laura Brailsford is the designer and creator of Laura Ford Designs. Her work has been shown in various shows, shops and galleries throughout the city and surrounding areas. The pieces you will find at a Laura Ford Designs show are unlike others in that they function more as wearable art than simple costume jewelry. Her work combines multimedia elements of stone, glass, crystal, wire and silver and each piece is uniquely created by hand and seldom replicated. 

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Did you get your ticket yet? What are you waiting for!

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pixel Fuze A Poolooza welcomes Laura Ford Designs

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