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What to Wear That is White?

In all honesty, white is not my favorite colour to wear, so there isn’t much ‘white’ going-on in my closet! I’ve been keeping my eyes open, but even to this moment, I haven’t found much that peaks my interest… So, I’m heading out this afternoon in search for something to wear to Mr. Warner’s All White Wear Affair but before hand I thought I’d play around with some ideal looks. xoxo

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All White Everything

Due to limited access to downtown ticket locations caused by the G20 Summit, there will be a limited number of $35 tickets AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR for this event. We recommend that it is in your best interest to purchase your ticket in advance. * * *

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My girl Nadia sent me these via BBM… OMG >_< Toronto is being torn the hell up by rioters and protesters in the streets.  Please stay safe everyone!

*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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