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Nu Nu Nuva!

I first blogged about the Nuva Ring in 2007 and now 3 years later, I have to tell you again about this ‘new’ birth control!

This is what freedom looks like.

It is absolutely nothing new for me, as I was chosen to be part of the test market at the University of Western Ontario in 2002. I have been using this for 8 years and so far, baby free ^_^.

I recommended this to over 10 of my girlfriends already and they all love it. It is convenient, it is the future. twenty/ten is around the corner. Ask your doctor about it!


Alicia Keys

With all of the negative press she’s been getting, I thought I’d shine a lil light on the soulful songstress that I still love and admire… Lets forget about what she does or doesn’t do in her relationship (or anyone else’s) and get back to why we love Alicia Keys… 10 obvious reasons!

  • raised by single mum-tri racial(irish/italian/Jamaican)
  • graduated professional performing arts school at 16
  • curvy but classy-her debut album sold over 12 million copies worldwide
  • her debut album earned her five Grammies in 2002
  • the 1st female to have an MTV Unplugged album debut at number 1
  • she’s an aquarius (friendly, humanitarian, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent, intellectual)
  • she plays the piano and has since she was seven yrs old-her voice is extraordinary
  • philanthropist (co-founder/global ambassador of Keep a Child Alive non-profit org providing meds to fams with HIV & AIDS in Africa

Just a reminder… xoxo


After numerous heartfelt tweets from @butilovememore I just had to go pick this up. Im only on page 25 but I love it so far 🙂 900 pages is my kinda good read. Catch up.

Shantaram: A Novel by Gregory David Roberts
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