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i decide to reactivate myspace this week.  Spent last week in Bahamas and Orlando and met a cool dude at Saks. I noticed a lot of differences between Toronto and Orlando but it also reconfirmed what i already know – fabulousness translates! be who you are always bc that is what you have at the end of the day. and your positivity, view on life and love for humanity surpasses any geographic boarders and manmade categories.  I want to reach out thisyear and touch as many hearts as possible. because through inspiring others, i too will inspire myself. so much talent, esp on myspace music. everyone just wants a chance to be heard, be seen and to have some meaning in the 100 odd years we have in our lives. i am grateful for my family, my friends and my ability to tell the truth from bullshit. i want to focus this coming year on things that are good for me and people who make my brillance shine! lots to look forward to!

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