Month: July 2007

Facebook is down

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im logging onto my space because facebook is down and it has been around 3 months since i have been here… nothing much going on i see.. ummm lets all resume our positions.

I am thinking about the sick cycle of love. See i am calling this guy and he’s ignoring me. thinking about the girl that’s ignoring me, while im avoiding calls from yet another guy. wow. whats wrong with us?

Chapter 2 is not coming

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yet but stay tuned.. this epic is hard to put down in words because i feel like its a growing entity and it’s always reinventing itself…on the daily

last level event last nite, i woudl say our 14 events and 61 bottle services was a success with mini glitches that were unavoidable.

Its already feb girls and boys… what have we done in jan? well i have stopped talking to certain people, and established a few more new routines BUT. that being said blogs have nearly ruined my life twice now. so ignorance is bliss. but who gives a damn about ignorant girls? oh ya pimps but im not after them. LOL .. in fact im not after nobody nowadays, the last thing i wanna be mistaken for is a crazy ass locust.

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