Month: March 2007

Even they all stop writing

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lets celebrate the first of spring

life has been stablizing. moved into the new pad for a month now and still trying to catch up on everything else.  tried to celebrate your birthday this past weekend but you showed me you have learned nothing in your 30 years and i lament for that truth.  we must venture forward and not look back. for days spent on days past is just an emotional consuming task, to chase that ever illusive shadow.

i am filling my time up with music and books, focusing on training jacob, focus on creating meaning for my life, creating a path for my career and learning everyday.

watched a chinese dvd last night and realized that anything sweeter than sweet will make me bawl like no other.

my exterior is tough my soul is sensitive
but i must protect me and mine til the day they cease fire on the war of love

March 13 already?

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according to my good friend andrew gayle, in Korea, March 14 is white day, where men buy women chocolates. i wonder if anyone will observe this day here in toronto… we will see if someone shows up at my house with a mars bar or somthing lol.

wow, work is getting busy and the year is really flying by. the new pad is sweet. and the nights are swallowed by a deep sleep, drifting into the other world with the steady breathing of my pooch close by.  mornings are getting warmer and the wafting scent of chocolate chip cookies in the atmosphere make my life so so sweet. i love that i live within sniffing proximity to a cookie factory.

friendships are fruitful and the process of getting older and getting wiser is walking hand in hand like that elderly couple in the park so i cant complain.

tomorrow is the last day for my unlimited talk time on my phone. but i think i will be alright. gone are the days of 2000+ sms just to say im thinking about you. or jus to say i love u boo. and gone are the mins and mins and fido to fido love chats about nothing and everything.  but thats okay. i embrace my single self with a new level of appreciation for my ability to adapt to life and all the curve balls thrown my way.

2007 is the year of career for me
and 2008 perhaps will be one for love. too early to tell right now but march is panning out in a beautiful way – the melty snow, the 7 min bus ride to work. can i really ask for more?

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