Month: February 2007

Telling me ur better off alone

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not everything in this magical world is quite what it seems.

so inspired by andrea jung, the ceo of avon and also the story of nokia’s brand development. i want to change to the world. i always believe that you should be the agent of change in the world that you want to see as ghandi said. i also loved this quote saying that if security is your main goal, you have already shackled yourself from your human potential.  this is so true.  its been almost 6 months since i started working full time. the routine of it could be quite taxing on the creative spirit so i have been especially viligant in planning events after 5 and on weekends to stay alive.  we all hvae 24 hrs in a day and what we do with that time colours the pages of our lifebook.  draw outside the lines!   i need to be around those are are dynamic and robust and creative.  energy is something i feed off of and something tells me your ions are conflicting with mine.

the best day of my life is the day i can just be with you


Honestly now

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who went around telling guys that all because we had something with you in a spontanous moment, that means we want to bag you. come on, all i can say is, please, give me a break here.

girls dont always want a relationship and boys dont always want sex.

conversely, boys dont always want a relationship and girls dont always want sex.

can you get our simplified minds around this concept? the world wil indeed become a better place. busy week thsi week, not time for ya losers!

Mon/dinner date Tue/dinner party Wed/top model Thurs/Maro design awards Fri/State Theater/Sat ikea

Ramping up for the house warming of spring a la March 24 weekend im thinking. it iwll be quite convenient because if i time this correctly it will be amazing.

I just want to say, yes im stilling thinking about all that you are and what we have shared but that has since expired in your mind even though your daughter looks just like my son. Two, yes im still thinking about you, and hopefully a new arrangement can ease into our lives seamlessly but thats also wishful thinking on my part and u are damn irresistable.  and Trois > novelty is wearing off hope you have the audacity to prove to me ur more than just novelty because i never thought i’d meet someone like you.

rainbows and butterflies – there was not one shred of truth from the beginning of time.


Forgive them for they know not what they have done

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What an eventful weekend. Started with our failed attempt to go rock climbing. we showed up 15 mins late and our lesson was bumped. we decided not to go … which was great because that same nite we partied til 4am and downed 2 bottles of absolut… insane. then i woke up for 8am to move. the new place is great, very very swanky.. stay posted for the house warming tentatively march 24…

My loyalty will always be

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last day at surfside its been an interesting 6 months.. thanks for everyone who made it enjoyable for moi.

might be internetless for a few days.. and tv less i better not miss top model premier on weds!


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