AFROPUNK Fest NYC 2015!!!

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AFROPUNK descended upon Brooklyn New York last weekend and it was truly an out of this world experience. The two day festival took place at Commodore Barry Park Saturday and Sunday. This was my first time attending an AFROPUNK festival and I was excited about from the time I purchased my ticket until now as I am writing this post. Festivals like this one are so important. This festival was oozing with Black love, culture, pride, creativity, peace, and of course incredible music. There were numerous events taking place surrounding the festival. On Friday night, I attended the inaugural Fancy Dress Ball. The event was described as a party with a purpose. Funds from the ball will be used for the AFROPUNK Global initiative “which dedicates itself to the promotion of diversity in media and the arts in addition to volunteer service.” The costumes and fancy dresses worn by the attendees were extremely impressive and inspiring. The night was topped off by an energizing performance by Grace Jones. She was phenomenal. Grace brought an air of drama, danger, and comedy on stage. She moved and danced around the stage better than any of her predecessors of today.



On the first official day of AFROPUNK, I was blown away by the number of fashion forward eclectic people. The vibe was loving and peaceful and fast-paced. There were numerous food trucks with many varieties of things to choose from. Everything from down home BBQ to vegan delights. The clothing and jewelry vendors sold unique one of a kind goods that were African and Native American inspire. There was also a section designated as Activism Row. This area was filled with many groups and organizations that are helping to improve the social climate as it stands in America. The social activism of AFROPUNK is the true spirit of the festival and it was the glue that bonded everyone there. They even have a program that encourages people to volunteer as a way to earn tickets to the festival. SZA, Kelis, Lauren Hill, and Grace Jones totally rocked the house. The combination of main stream acts on the main stage, with more traditional punk bands on the smaller stage was perfection.

The second day of the festival was equally as magical as the first but it had more of a low key vibe. Things just seemed to be more relaxed. Kalela belted out smooth and soothing jams while Young Paris hit us with impassioned beats and African inspired costumes. However, the highlight of the night, and the entire festival, in my opinion was Mr. Lenny Kravitz. He is a true rock star in every sense of the word. Brooklyn was on its feet for the entire performance.

Leaving the festival was even fun and exciting. There were many people exiting at the same time and we would all randomly start singing songs together. It was epic. AFROPUNK is needed for so many reasons. There was nothing but Black peace and love. We are a multifaceted people and events like AFROPUNK give America and the world an opportunity to see how dynamic we are. AFROPUNK is eye opening and all inclusive. I am so happy I attended. I returned to Atlanta feeling energized and refreshed. I cannot wait for AFROPUNK Fest ATL!!!


Introducing Zogoflex Air by @WestPawDesigns

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Introducing Zogoflex Air™, West Paw Design’s new subtly squishy, yet durable collection of play toys for active dogs. These two new toys were engineered for dogs who love to try to sink their teeth into something, Zogoflex Air has a tough outer shell that surround soft pockets of air that “give” when dogs squeeze it in their mouths.

By injecting an all natural foaming agent into our innovative Zogoflex® material, we’ve created the next big thing out of thin air. Thanks to this eco-friendly Air Technology, Zogoflex Air floats high for easy visibility making this unsinkable and unstoppable fun for power players.
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.02.15 PM
BOZ™ – Tougher and safer than a tennis ball!
Light, bouncy and soft enough for dogs to catch with their mouths’, Boz has a rugged exterior texture that engages fetch fanatics. While human hands can’t typically squish Boz, dogs can compress the ball between their teeth giving them a satisfying endorphin release. Unlike a tennis ball, Buz is durable, squishy and doesn’t contain any toxic glues or lead. Boz is available in three colors and two sizes, large (4”) $17.95 and small (2.5”) 12.95. Size small fits in a standard ball thrower.

DASH™ – High-flying disk that’s gentle on dogs’ mouths and human hands!
A curved profile provides a pulsing, strobe effect during flight to allow dogs to track it in the air while allowing for smooth, off the ground pickups! The center hole provides a stable, fast flight and then a gradual descent. The soft, pliable material won’t hurt dogs’ mouths and, like Boz, it floats. An ergonomic grip makes Dash a breeze for human companions to toss in all terrains! Dash (8”) is available in three colors for $19.95.

Like all Zogoflex products, Zogoflex Air is made in the USA, guaranteed against dog damage, non-toxic, BPA and-phthalate-free, dishwasher safe and one-hundred-percent recyclable. Like dogs, these toys are ready to go on their next adventure!

Hey Hey Hey!! It’s me, Erica!

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Hello there glamorous ones!! I’m Erica and I’m super excited to be a guest blogger at HeyDoYou!!


I currently reside in Atlanta and have lived here for almost ten years. I recently met Yvonne while on a trip to New York and was immediately inspired by her and her blog. I am honored to be part of the HeyDoYou team!! I love music, art, fashion, humor, 80s sitcoms, all things random and quirky and finding the balance of it all. I like to think of myself as an experience junky! Anyhoo, I am grateful for this opportunity and I hope you all enjoy! If you’d like to see what else I’m up to, catch up with me on IG @frediegilbert!!



Preppy Boys Wear Preparatoire

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 Préparatoire is a luxury children’s fashion line that preps pre-adolescent males for the journey to adulthood.  The line aims at evoking a confidence in boys that inspires them into phenomenal men.  Introducing the clothing line shapes a young boys’ stylish image.  Préparatoire was established for parents who want timeless and classic clothing for their boys.

Styles from the line are designed with exceptional attention to detail and heightened awareness of color and trim.  Préparatoire promotes uniqueness and strive for unparalleled quality and sophistication.  The designs are remarkable innovative and imaginative in every aspect of style; color choices, preppy cut, and most importantly, the perfect fit.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 12.17.18 PM

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