Define Your Style with Jessture

A brand for women who want to wear who they are, Jessture mixes high quality, luxury fashion with edgy, affordable pieces. With a muted palette dominated by grays, whites, and blacks, show off your unique style with sophisticated statement pieces from Jessture’s Spring/Summer collection. Wrap yourself in the white hot looks from Jessture – a New York-based brand that celebrates true beauty and provides clothing for the independent, modern woman.

Chic White: The essence of comfort and style, this beautiful button down dress will be a breeze to wear for all your spring and summer looks. Perfect for a business meeting or a brunch date.

Cold Shoulder Style: Make a statement with Jessture’s perfectly pleated pants, or pair this chic, cold shoulder style top with white jeans for a classic look.

Down To The Details: A comfortable, cute sweatshirt can be hard to find. Keep warm in this number that spells instant chic. With intricate zipper detail and an edgy, offbeat vibe, you’ll be bundled up in true beauty.

Designer Jessica Hu crafted Jessture on the idea that people should not let their clothes define who they are. With inspiring pieces molded to celebrate the uniqueness of the modern woman, this minimalistic brand helps every gal be ready for show off her style every day.

We won’t be stylin’ in Spring for long – transition into the trends of fall with a sneak peek of Jessture’s Fall/Winter Collection. These distinctive, daring designs reveal your personal style in a flawlessly fresh way. Feel empowered by the bold blacks and greys of this contemporary casual collection.

Jessture is now available for pre-order at


With a passion for art, life, beauty and fashion, designer and founder Jessica Hu entered the fashion industry to create a brand that allowed people to define and express their true selves with their own, unique styles. Your gesture – Jessture – is your own style. A contemporary, casual womenswear brand, Jessture was born from minimalist motivation and a desire to provide simple, comfortable and chic clothing to the modern day woman.


Frownies Offers a Natural, Deep Wrinkle Treatment–No Needles!

Have you heard of Frownies? Invented in the 19th century, Frownies were the first to market patches that mechanically soften and smooth out expression lines . . . or prevent them to begin with. Today, Frownies patches can effectively remove those deep wrinkles from the forehead, between the eyes, or in the corners of the mouth — all without needles. The #1 go-to for celebrities like Rene Russo, Missy Pyle and Rashida Jones, the patches WORK. And they’re completely “green”, without any harsh chemicals or ingredients.

Turn Frowns Upside Down with Natural, Deep Wrinkle Treatment by Frownies

While laughing, smiling and crinkling foreheads are happy expressions, years of continual facial motions — even happy ones — can damage skin’s surface at any age.  Now you can reverse those troublesome expression lines on foreheads and between the eyebrows with the deep wrinkle treatment of Frownies.

Frownies all-natural Deep Wrinkle Treatment is a simple 3-in-1 process designed to smooth appearance of wrinkles overnight. You can even see frown lines, which detract from a pleasant facial appearance, reverse in just hours.

See creases and wrinkles soften and smooth with the simple-to-use Frownies Deep Wrinkle Treatment:

1) Made with 100% natural, skin-friendly ingredients, Frownies Patches are comfortable and easy-to-apply, working overnight to create healthy, younger-looking skin. Little adhesive strips attach directly over the wrinkles for a few hours while you sleep to gently lift the underlying muscles.

2) Apply Immune Perfect antioxidant moisturizer under the patch to soften and smooth as well as tone and lift loose skin.

3) Moisten patches with the Rose Water Hydrator Spray to enhance effectiveness. Made of essential rose of oil, organic aloe vera, plant-based Hyaluronic Acid and comfrey, the Rose Water spray provides antioxidant protection and skin soothing action.

Watch how this potent anti-aging treatment does wonders to your skin in just a couple of applications!

Frownies has been helping women regain healthy, younger-looking skin by smoothing unwanted expression lines easily, effectively and almost overnight!


HappiSnappi: Making A Difference Through Fashion

A mother/daughter team have come together to make a difference for girls everywhere and children fighting Cancer. The two 10 year old girls, one of which currently fighting cancer, are on a mission to inspire creativity, confidence, strength and self-expression in all girls.HappiSnappi provides cute hair accessories and hats that are all interchangeable in a snap! Switch out each embellishments based on your mood or style, using a simple snap – giving the little girl in your life endless fashion choices.

Diagnosed with cancer in February of 2015, Sadie Keller is a beautiful and courageous young fighter. Each day, 45 children are diagnosed with cancer and Sadie is determined to change this. Partnering with Sadie and her mom, HappiSnappi is helping to find a cure for childhood cancers by raising awareness and donating some of the proceeds to her cause.

As Sadie Keller began to lose her hair from her chemotherapy treatment, she began to wear a cadet style camo hat which quickly became her ‘go-to’ prior to leaving the house. Due to the camo color and Sadie’s bald head, she was often referred to as a boy when in public, often crushing her spirits. Sadie wished for a fun accessory to attach adding a more feminine flair, while still being able to wear her favorite hat. The HappiSnappi “Sadie Hat” was born and has quickly become a top seller. With a heart for giving back, Sadie was always bringing gifts and baked goods to her doctor and nurses and at Christmas, even started a toy drive named Sadie’s Sleigh to bring toys to other children fighting cancer in the hospital on Christmas. Sadie has since started her own foundation, the Sadie Keller Foundation, where along with Sadie’s Sleigh, she gives Milestone gifts to cancer fighters as they reach pivitol parts of their treatment, or need a reminder to keep fighting.

When Peyton Ohm, was growing up, she used to tape flowers on her clothes to accessorize them. HappiSnappi allowed her the opportunity to easily switch out her accessories in a snap. Peyton having a big heart, is there for Sadie as she completes her treatment and the two have become great friends, while partnering together, with their mom’s, Karlee Ohm and Sarah Keller, to build HappiSnappi. This mother/daughter duo is extremely passionate about supporting childhood cancer. So much so, that they made the brand commitment that for every HappiSnappi purchased, another will be given to a child fighting cancer. Peyton and Sadie now help to select products for many cancer fighters across the country, and with a hand written note from the two of them, are putting smile on so many faces.

How does it work? Watch this fun tutorial to see the magic of HappiSnappi! Explore the different, unique designs this bold brand has to offer:

  • Cupcake Hair Kit ($20):Available in fun favorites like Lavender Cream, Raspberry Ice,and Rainbow Sherbet, and packaged as the perfect treat, this cupcake hair kit will be her number one gift for any event! Packaged as a cupcake, this kit is filled with goodies including interchangeable hair flowers and many accessories. One size fits most babies and girls of all ages.
  • The Sadie Hat ($20):  Looking to add some cute to your cap? Throw on the Cameo “Sadie” Hat! Designed in a cadet cap style with a variety of bright, bold colors, each hat comes with two snap on flower embellishments.
  • Chiffon Blooms ($6): Sold in almost every color of the rainbow, and multiple sizes, these chic Chiffon Blooms will dress up any HappiSnappi accessory! Available in sets of two or one snap on flower accessories.

With a focus on giving back, you can support childhood cancer charities while getting your little ones a cute creation from HappiSnappi!


Speed Recovery with Pains and Strains

Pains and Strains has created the Patella Tendon Care Kit, specifically designed to quickly treat the pain surrounding the kneecap. Each kit provides the latest physical therapy techniques and exercise programs along with medical grade tools to improve and heal knee pain. When used together, these tools and exercises will help to relieve pain, speed recovery, and get you back to doing the things you love, pain-free!

The Patella Tendon Care Kit is easy, affordable and convenient, allowing you to continue your daily routines without expensive and time consuming doctors visits, injections or physical therapy appointments – saving users an average of $700! Get back to training for the next marathon or upcoming hiking expedition with Pains and Strains.

For more information please check the website:


Freedom with Dryel

My dad is in town to visit me! He came all the way from Hainan island and was shocked at the Las Vegas heatwave. With moderate 80’s where he lives, he came during the hottest week ever! Vegas reached record breaking 120 F! We had a full schedule and with all the running around town. Even with places blasting AC, it was still really hot.

As you all know, the ‘dad hat’ trend has been all over fashion and social media lately but I can assure you that my dad has been rocking this trend for as long as I can remember. My dad loves his hats.  We went to the Strip, I had 2 pop up shops, we went to the park, out to eat, up the mountain and lots of other places too. Being a light traveller, he only brought his favorite hat so it was in need of a good cleaning after a week of fun.

I couldn’t figure out a way to help him clean his hat with all the sweat and sun but then I remembered Dryel! Dryel saves time and gives the freedom to wear what you want, when you want to. Taking his hat to the dry cleaners what out of the question since he wanted to wear it all day everyday so I used the Dryel at home cleaner and snuck his hat away for 15 mins.

I first started with the booster spray. I was careful to avoid the suede area (Dryel is not recommended for suede). I sprayed the hat inside, outside – about 10 spritz. Then I used the Ultra Cleaning Cloth, zipped it up and threw it in the dryer for 15 mins.  The hat came out fresh and clean!

Now my dad has his favorite hat for the rest of his vacation. Check out how Dryel can save you time and give you freedom to wear what you want when you want on


FTC Notice: *Dryel Partner – I compensated to test and review Dryel products. All my opinions are my own!






Step Up Your Shoe Adventure with Off The Beaten Track

With summer on its way, we will be ready for fall in no time! Transition into fall fashion with the latest trends from Off The Beaten Track! Inspired by music and culture, this unique travel-inspired brand features high quality materials, earth-inspired leathers, on-trend styling and intricate attention to detail.

Stomp through cool months with the comfortable shoe of choice for restless wanderers. Designed with the traveler in mind, go off the beaten track with these fall favorites:

  • Flower Child (Red Sutter): An update to the popular Free Spirit, this stacked favorite is the model of comfort and fashion. With an asymmetrical cut-out, this design has a fixed side ghillie tie with tassels atop a wedged upper. Wear the Flower Child wherever your wanderlust adventures take you!
  • Rexburg (Dark Brown): The new American sweetheart and a nod to OTBT’s iconic Bushnell style, this shoe features color blocked vibes with comfort stretch that will take you anywhere and everywhere. Your new favorite wardrobe neutral, the Rexburg is durable and designed to last.
  • Bespoke (Tuscany): Featuring a heeled wedge with a fabric stretch band to give you the ultimate comfortable fit, the Bespoke will compliment any look and keep you and your feet feeling and looking fabulous!

The final word for fall footwear is in– slide into the hottest looks from OTBT for designs that feature both comfortable function and on-trend fashion.

Looking to go Off the Beaten Track? Visit for more information.


Constructed with only the highest quality leathers and materials, authentic colors and a tough sole designed for maximum durability, Off The Beaten Track offers the ultimate travel shoes with both fashion and function as a priority. Made for walking the road less traveled, OTBT is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. Go Off the Beaten Track with the comfortable shoe of choice for restless wanderers.

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