NY + Company: Gabrielle Union Collection Review

After months of teasing on Instagram, Gabrielle Union FINALLY debuted her highly anticipated New York + Company collaboration this week. The collection is available exclusively in store and online. The 51-piece collaboration is described as polished, sophisticated, smart and edgy and includes everything from pencil skirts, peplum jackets, Kimonos, cropped pants, blouses, shells, and dresses. Did I mention that every single piece in this collection retails for less than $150?

Gabrielle Union’s impeccable style was a driving influence in this collection. It features versatile separates in bold prints and modern silhouettes, with a trendsetting twist. So if you are looking for pieces to spice up your work wardrobe this fall, I highly suggest you check out this NY + Co x Gabrielle Union collection. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the collection!


Cutout Jumpsuit

Price: $89.95

V-Neck Sheath Dress

Price: $79.95

Choker Blouse

Price: $54.95

Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater


Long Floral Kimono

Price: $129.95


Melissa Shoes Unveils Futuristic Jaw-Dropping New Galeria Space feat

Galeria Melissa NYC reopens in an expanded Broadway space architecturally developed by Muti Randolph, designed to celebrate and connect the city’s young art scene.

The iconic SoHo location at 500 Broadway is a concept store that will function to align Melissa more closely with NYC’s emerging artists, supporting young, local talent and providing a conceptual meeting place. Melissa’s latest creative vision is
realized with “The Future of Her,” an immersive, experiential gallery curated by Kelsey & Rémy Bennett, featuring Signe Pirece and Sam Cannon. Inspired by themes of women’s empowerment, cyber-feminism, gender, and sustainability, these two women will transform the new gallery/store space with their own visions of the feminine future.

The new Galeria Melissa NYC will be a canvas for artists and tastemakers of our time to showcase their work. With exhibits rotating 4 times a year, this gallery will serve as a place for modern installation art to thrive, as imagined and designed by Muti Randolph. Randolph comments “The concept is an inspiration from the first Galeria Melissa in Saõ Paulo, a space designed to change, to interact with others, to welcome installations and its artists. In the Saõ Paulo and London stores, it was important for us to embrace the actual space and the city itself within the gallery – to serve to support art — the same is true in the new NYC Gallery. The most impactful point is at the entrance with the screens depicting an “urban scene” emulating the streets of New York City.”

The re-envisioned Galeria space was born from a futuristic eye, exceptionally innovated with the latest technology to create a multi-sensory experience that surpasses the typical shopping experience. When designing the new Galeria space, Randolph took Melissa’s creative vision and applied it to the essence of New York and the SoHo space continuing, “We kept the idea of respecting the local environment. What we always try to do in all Melissa stores is to incorporate interactive facades that people gravitate toward in a very organic way. In New York, we have a very
contemporary space contrasted by a classic architectural building iconic to the neighborhood.”

Randolph adds, “There are 3 main rooms and a side smaller room. The entry is a huge LED installation with mirrors to attract people from the street in a kaleidoscope effect. The main room for exhibition and sales of the shoes is the heart of our structure. This closes into a third main room, with a lounge featuring a green wall bolstered with organic shapes.”

This installation is being curated by sisters, Kelsey and Rémy Bennett. They have joined forces with Muti Randolph to curate a cultural moment featuring two important immerging artists. The sisters recently poured their efforts into an artistic series called Under Her Skin, a documentary focusing on female artists and their processes, which added to the value of this expert curation.

Contemporary artist, Signe Pierce, is known for her boundary-pushing work creating accessible, intersectional, feminist art which rebukes the traditional “empowering feminist” advertising – and the nature of selling to a woman’s sense of self-worth in her own neon world. Pierce will occupy the immersive room as she combines visual, interactive and performance elements that will radiate from this ultra non-traditional, experiential gallery-turned-store space.

Contemporary artist, Sam Cannon, uses film – particularly GIFs – to explore themes of the human body, predominantly the female form. Her work questions the way today’s society observes images of itself in the digital age, thereby redefining the modern era of fine arts fusion with digital media. Sam’s work will live in the entrance and windows within the geometric construct of the Galeria’s pyramidal and polygonal LED presentation.

Both artists will come together in a third space, “The Green Room”. This room will combine both artists’ vision in the context of organic futurism to fully immerse audiences in The Future of Her.

The iconic SoHo building which houses the new Galeria Melissa has been totally reimagined and transformed, taking down all of the internal walls to split it up again into a truly visionary artistic experience. The Future of Her installation will inhabit the newly opened Galeria Melissa NYC at 500 Broadway (between Spring and Broome Streets) until September.

As is true with all Melissa styles these shoes are 100% plastic making them fully vegan, waterproof and recyclable.  These new styles from the Flygirl FW17 collection are done in continued collaboration with the fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.

These Melissa styles are now available in-stores at Melissa Galerias worldwide and online at shopmelissa.com
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Beach Slide
A Melissa classic with a Vivienne Westwood remix done in several colorways
Retail: $133.00
Link to purchase : http://shopmelissa.com/flygrl/32225-50925-5-vivienne-westwood-anglomania-melissa-beach-slide#272=436

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Lady Dragon XIV
A slingback pump with classic peep toe and playful Vivienne Westwood logo
Link to purchase : http://shopmelissa.com/flygrl/vivienne-westwood-anglomania-lady-dragon-xiv#272=414

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Chelsea Boot
Creeper boot style done In black, bronze glitter and black with brown details
Retail: $289
Link to purchase: http://shopmelissa.com/flygrl/vivienne-westwood-anglomania-chelsea-boot#272=453

Inspired by festival style the Melissa Pouchete style is a fresh take on a fanny pack, lovely nicknamed the Melissa Bumbag. This style is waterproof and features an adjustable strap and dual zippers . Currently available in 2 colorways: black, silver glitter. As always, each Melissa design is 100% waterproof, vegan and recyclable.

Melissa Pouchete  retails for $125.

Link to buy: http://shopmelissa.com/preview/melissa-pochete#272=414

This new style from the FW fly girl collection is the Melissa take on footwear’s hottest trend, the mule. This new model is available in black, light blue, beige, red and blue.

Melissa She retails for $105.

Link to buy : http://shopmelissa.com/preview/melissa-she#272=414


Mani Must Have by Edge Perfection

When the temperature soars, bright, bold color becomes the summer style. Whether you’re invited to a backyard pool party or a summer wedding, it’s time to up your nail game with Edge Perfection – the mess-free manicure! Edge Perfection is the NEW innovative, easy peel polish barrier that’s making home manicures, pedicures, and touch-ups a breeze. Protect your cuticles from unwanted polish mishaps with quick, creative Edge Perfection!

Looking to stand out from the rest? Flawless tips really make a splash at that laidback pool party, but the sun’s rays do a number on your nails. Make your summer simple and mess-free with the features of Edge Perfection:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Can be used with any traditional polish, gel, or shellac
  • Five-Free (no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, or camphor)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Thiuram Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Canadian & EU Cosmetics Compliant
  • Double Process Patented

Doing your own nails can end up pretty messy, with unwanted drops of color dried to your fingers. To use, apply a thin layer around the nail cuticle and let dry. If it winds up on the nail, it’s easy to shape into place using a manicure stick or finger. Then simply polish as usual. Be sure to peel the barrier off before the polish fully dries to ensure the crispest lines possible.

Whether you’re having a picnic in the park or making a bold statement at a summer wedding, get that quintessential summer look. Up the glam factor with Edge Perfection!

Edge Perfection can be purchased online and at select CVS locations nationwide.



Jacqueline Smith is the creator of Edge Perfection and founder of the international brand Kiesque–Beauty with Brains. Her first product, Liquid Palisade, has garnered media attention from outlets like NBC’s TODAY Show, Cosmopolitan, and Real Simple and can be found in Sephora stores. Now she has brought to market an affordable option for women who want salon level results in the comfort of their own homes.


What Does A Goat And Your Hand Have In Common?

Who knew that goats were the answer to fabulous hands? Dionis Skincare has the best goat milk skincare products on the market!

Moisturize with the power of goat milk hand cream

Goats are not only adorable to watch on YouTube, but they provide the key ingredient to Dionis! Treat your hands to a luxury hand cream to make your hands look, feel and smell amazing!

For 35 years Dionis has been making their products in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They believe in using quality ingredients for their superior line that is dermatologist tested, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free. Dionis believes in producing only the highest quality products that will nourish every skin type and keeping you smelling fresh and confident all day long!

No longer do you have to dread putting on hand creams because you don’t want that greasy residue to get all over your clothes, papers, steering wheel or even babies! Dionis hand creams are made to absorb into your skin leaving your hands hydrated and healthy no matter what your hands get into.

The Dionis difference is Goat Milk! Dionis uses Goat Milk as their main ingredient because:

  • Goat Milk is packed with essential vitamins including A, C, E and D as well as B Complexes, Lipids and Triglycerides.

  • Goat Milk will fortify your skin and prevent moisture loss.

  • People have reported the following when using Goat Milk skincare products:

    • Acne Treatment

    • Protects Skin

    • Only skincare option for sensitive skin (including Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris)

  • Easily absorbs into the skin because we share the same PH as goats.

  • Our lightweight formula absorbs quickly with no greasy feeling.

Do your hands a favor and give them the gift of Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream!

To learn more about Dionis Skincare please visit http://www.dionisgmskincare.com/.


DIONIS is passionate about making quality goat milk products to make you look and feel great everyday. Founded in the highlands of Virginia and later moved to Bucks County, PA, DIONIS has always manufactured quality personal care products made with goat milk and other quality ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Stemmed from CCP, DIONIS Skin Care is out to change the way you care for your skin with safe and soothing products.



Trend Alert: Cute Summer Rompers for Under $50

Summer may feel like it’s quickly approaching its end, but let’s get real: summer fashion doesn’t end until mid-October. With the wacky weather in NYC, it’s important that you keep a few transitional pieces that can help your wardrobe smoothly transition from summer to fall. Rompers should be at the top of your list. This one-piece outfit is not only easy to wear, but it can also be used for layering in the fall! Here are best romper styles for under $50.

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Fall in Love with Hikari Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Makeup!

Whether you’re still celebrating your summer adventures or getting ready for fall, keep that sparkle alive with Hikari Cosmetics! Their highly pigmented cream shadows are perfect for adding that pop of WOW. Whether you need that finishing touch for a sun-kissed look or something more dramatic, this cruelty-free makeup will last you from dusk till dawn.

Make Your Face POP with Pretty, Bold Colors from Hikari Cosmetics

Give them a reason to stare with Hikari’s vibrant colors

Bold, vibrant, brilliant – that’s the look of the face this fall. Accentuate your natural beauty with strong, sexy, rich lips and knockout metallic, shimmery eyes with Hikari Cosmetics.

Hikari Cosmetics helps you create the latest looks with the most sought-after colors and products. This fall you’ll want every one of its stunning lipsticks, from Cabernet to Peony. Go edgy glam and make your eyes pop with shades of gold, silver and bronze shimmer. Then finish the look off with a long-lasting eyeliner that will give you the perfect cat eye every time.

Cream Pigment Eyeshadows – These highly pigmented cream shadows can add either definition or highlights. Pick Frozen, Mink or Shine if you’re looking for silver, bronze or gold shine or Cosmic or Skyline for a deep purple or blue pop. Each of Hikari’s 12 striking colors is infused with shimmer to help you shine on!

Liquid Eyeliner – Perfect precision is what you’ll get with this long-lasting eyeliner that goes on smooth and easy. With these gorgeous shades, you can make a dramatic statement or something more subtle.

Lipsticks – Flawlessly formulated for long lasting coverage in an array of vivid shades. Go bold with Cranberry or Cabernet or soft and romantic with Dune or Romance, either way your lips will say it all!


More personal recommendations:

What it is: Assortment of shimmer cream eye pigments.

What it does: Our Cream Eye Pigments come in an assortment of colors and can be used to create definition as a base or use delicately to add highlights to the eye.  Apply to eye with fingertip or brush and blend in. These highly pigmented cream shadows are sure to add a statement to your look!

Cream Pigment Eyeshadow:

Cosmic- Deep Purple with Shimmer

Frozen- Bright Silver with Shimmer

Glam- Deep Turquoise with Shimmer

Mink- Bright Bronze with Shimmer

Shine- Bright Gold with Shimmer

Steel- Dark Grey with Shimmer

Fairytale- White with Shimmer

Latte- Brown with Shimmer

Petal- Pink with Shimmer

Skyline- Navy with Shimmer

Honeydew- Peach with Shimmer

Envy- Green with Shimmer

Click to get it, http://www.hikaricosmetics.com/shop/cream-pigment-eyeshadow/.

What it is: High pigment, easy to blend, long lasting eye shadow.

What it does: With our wide variety of highly pigmented eye shadows you can create the perfect look. From demure to bold, the options are endless.

Eye Shadow Colors:


Sable, Bone, Chestnut, Wine


Lagoon, Breeze, Disco, Coal


Almond, Champagne, Majestic, Brownie


Violet, Haze, Coal, Champagne


Buttercup, Ameretto, Pizzaz, Russet


Haze, Champagne, Pumpkin Spice, Moonlit


Haze, Misty, Discreet, Stardust


Haze, Lagoon, Taffy, Brownie


Sage, Almond, Sable, Magnetic


Stealth, Bellini, Magnetic, Swanky

Click to get it, http://www.hikaricosmetics.com/shop/eye-shadow-copy/.

What it is: A convenient compact that provides the benefits of shimmery blush and bronzer for the perfect glow.

What it does: The four harmonious shades work together to create a glow that is a perfect balance for all skin tones. The light reflective shimmer particles give a warm radiant look to the cheeks and soften the appearance of fine lines.

How to use: Sweep a big blush brush over all of the colors very lightly and tap off excess before applying across your cheekbones. The colors are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! The colors can also be used individually as eyeshadow for a multiple use palette.

Blush Colors:

Radiate – Warm rose bronze

Flush – Light pink bronze

Splendor – Rich coral bronze

Luster – Luminous true bronze

Click to get it, http://www.hikaricosmetics.com/shop/shimmer-bronzer/.

What it is: Assortment of opaque lip colors.

What it does: Want to make a bold statement? Or do you want to add just a hint of color to you lips? Either way you want to have it we have the colors for you! The rich, highly pigmented colors can be as noticeable as you want to be for any event or occasion!

Lip Crayon Colors:

Amour – Matte Classic Red

Cotton Candy- Matte Pale Pink

Duchess- Matte Deep Wine

Macchiato- Matte Warm Tan

Mandarin- Matte Pink Coral

Nutmeg- Matte Copper

Passion Fruit- Matte Rich fuchsia

Pouty- Matte Warm Mauve

Fireside- Matte Deep Red

Sorbet- Matte Dark Pink

Click to get it, http://www.hikaricosmetics.com/shop/lip-crayon/.

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy these luxurious looks, Hikari Cosmetics are reasonably-priced. They’re designed so every woman can afford to look her best, and she can feel good too, knowing none of Hikari’s products are ever tested on animals.

For more information on Hikari visit www.hikaricosmetics.com .


Founded on the principles of delivering glamorous, sophisticated makeup to women at an affordable cost, Hikari is dedicated to taking the makeup world to the next level. From high-shine, vivid lip gloss collections to the perfect eye color combinations, this beauty brand has something every woman can look and feel gorgeous in. From the Japanese word meaning “light”, get glowing with Hikari Cosmetics.

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